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carlson. breaking news overnight, and new report says china military has stolen important data from hundred target. they beefed up the military and hacking capabilities. should we be cutting ours? >> steve: more good nice, gas prices got hiked up for the 33rd day in a row. prices continue to soar, washington continues to stay silent. when can we expect in relief i ask. eric bombing. >> eric: if s your gun stored in a safe place? the new law that let's cops search legal gun owners who haven't broken any laws. fox and friends starts right now. >> gretchen: brian is extending his holiday weekend for another day. we have eric bombing sitting here. >> steve: can you believe it. a former oil trader on the couch and first, let's start with fox news alert. >> gretchen: major cyber security, a series of hacking attacks against the united states. heather joins us live with more. >> reporter: good morning to you. these are the startling findings in a new report that has just been released. the 74-page report says 141 major hacking attempts have been traced back to a secret group that is linked
on in india and china and brazil and these other countries, they're fighting to keep it down. they actually want to keep it down. you saw what happened with china last week. they're doing so well that they're trying to pull it back. we're just the opposite. we need leadership. it's a very simple thing. >> brian: we know they're taking everything we have, copying it, they have felt no repercussions and there are things we could be doing. you also tweeted out that china and iran, they're helping china become a nuclear nation and we're not doing anything about it. >> look, china is not our friend. i've done lots of business with china. i've made a lot of money with them. they've been very nice to me in many ways. but i made a loft money with china. but they are not our friends. they don't respect us. they don't respect our leadership. they laugh at us. when you look at what's happening as an example, in north korea, they controlled north korea. we're always fighting with north korea. china, with one call, could settle the problem and settle the problem with north korea. they love taunting us.
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tax dollars may end up boosting china's economy? fisker scored nearly $530 million from the energy department in 2010. and you might want to take a closer look at your credit card bills. thousands of americans have been hit with fake fees. they are so small, 20, 30 bucks at a time, you might not even notice. but they add up quickly. the company behind the scam billing consumers, they have scammed consumers tore more than $24 million. >> brian, thank you very much. regulation nation. listen to this, folks. new england fishermen are fighting for their lively had had becaused federal government are about toly. how many fish they can catch. new restrictions will be put in place may 1st. almost 200 fishermen are urging congress to rethink the impending catch limits that they say will destroy america's shawl fishing describe. richard is the president of the northeast fishery section three. he's one of the many fishermen speaking out. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> explain this to us. last year the federal government declared your business a disaster? >> yes, they did. >> why? >
in south korea going forward. >> china, which provides aid to north korea, also issued a statement very critical of the north's testing. china is urging north korea to honor its commitment to denuclearization and refrain from any move that may further worsen the situation. president obama is calling on the international community and the six-party nations in the u.n. security council to take decisive steps now to curb north korea's nuclear ambitions. >>gretchen: the u.s. security council will hold that emergency meeting this morning on this nuclear test. i believe it will be a 9 a.m. eastern time. what are they going to do unless they get russia on board and some of these other countries? >>brian: one thing that would get their attention and china's attention is if you get nuclear weapons to south korea and japan. at one point we have to say we have to be able to protect our friends, we're under treaty. that is the only way we can do it. what's unbelievable is tonight at 9:00 there will be a state of the union in which the president will say i'm going to cut our nuclear arsenal by 40%.
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either by europe at large, the e.u. or china somehow swallowing up every bit of innovation that exists in the world. they're no longer, i think, worried about our economy being overwhelmed beyond our shores. >>brian: we're not worried about china hacking and taking our intellectual property. >> with respect, i think the vice president is flatout wrong. it does affect us economically what happens over there. chaos in europe, mass recession in europe, the fallout, maybe the collapse of the euro currency, that does affect us economically but also politically. can president obama now go on a road show as he will today and push for higher taxes which is what got italians into trouble? can he push for maximum infliction of pain on america? can he do that in light of what just happened with the voters in europe? i suspect there are economic and political fallout in america from what happened yesterday in italy. >>brian: if he could do that by not connecting the dot, a responsible leader would connect the dots and talk about how they're related. i'm not an expert on italian politics, but when
, china will overtake us as the great economic power. that was unthinkable five years ago, ten years ago. it was unthinkable. it's a very, very sad thing. very very sad. it's happening. it's going bad. >> steve: speak of china, it's funny, on twitterverse and internet, there are all these conspiracy theories floating around, do could have been thy chinese cyber hackers that took down the power grid fort super bowl on that one night. >> i don't think so. china is no friend of ours and i certainly don't think so. i think we have old infrastructure. we're spending all our money in other places. we're giving them trillions and trillions of dollars. we're really talking about the word trillion. yet, we don't rebuild our own country. what are we doing? we're letting our military down because if you saw obama last night, he's talking about cutting the military. i want to build up the military. look, we're a target for every country in the world and we're cutting our military. so we can do things. we should be cutting obamacare because i have so many people that i know and friends that have busi
about this latest report that came out about china. they're pretty good at hacking into computers. people may not know is that the united states probably doing the same thing, but what kind of hazard does this pose to our military and to u.s. companies? >> frankly you're right. the united states is actually the best in the world at this, russia is probably second. the chinese, although by far are the most prolific, literally thousands of members of the pla do this every single day, assisted also by civilian hackers and contractors. they have penetrated literally thousands of u.s. companies, while they focus in general on political, economic and military intelligence. their primary focus is what has been discussed in that report is intellectual property. they are literally stealing technology, innovation, et cetera, from our companies to advance their own economic interests. and they are very good at it. >> gretchen: so many people are asking the question, if the chinese -- some of the private citizens there, but also their military is behind this. is this a good time for the unite
regulations. >>> and china pulling out the old, well, they did it first argument, saying the u.s. hacked its military web site thousands of times per month. good. earlier this month we reported a secret group linked to china's military hacked several american web sites. now this. >> gretchen: they called it the hanoi hilton, sarcastically. a miserable prison in north vietnam where american soldiers were held during the vietnam war. it was a place of torture and solitary confinement. in many cases a tiny window like this was a prisoner area only window to the world. even on their darkest days, our american soldiers still found a way to keep the faith. they communicated with each other using a top secret code that could be tapped on the walls. they shared words, phrases, and even poetry. retired air force major general john borling spent 6 1/2 years locked in the prison. he didn't see his daughter until she was 7 1/2. his commitment to his country never changed. now he's the author of "taps on the walls, homes from the hanoi hilton" and he's any guest. good to see you. >> pleased to be with yo
a but then and kill that person. that's what this is about. suppose china had decided they want o use this same policy. this opens the door for massive violations of international law, for putting the rules of war aside. it becomes a war of all against all, perpetual war for perpetual peace. >> steve: sure. john brennan, who wants to be the new chief of the c.i.a. is going to sit in the hot seat tomorrow. so look for plenty of questions about that because he's the architect of the plan. meanwhile, i want to ask but this: is the president of the united states using two big issues they're pushing out now, guns and immigration to demonize and divide the republican party? >> i don't think he's doing it and created those issues, frankly. the issue of guns has been around. but the supreme court has spoken. there is an individual right to -- >> steve: absolutely. >> okay. so that's really decided. >> steve: although they would like more controls on guns. >> well, there is a debate in the country about assault weapons and there ought to be. but on the issue of immigration, look, that issue was there before p
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, for example, there are other countries that are polluting in the atmosphere, much greater than we are, china, india, all these countries that are still growing. they're not going to stop doing what they're doing. america is a country. it's not a planet. so we can pass a bunch of laws or executive orders that will do nothing to change the climate or the weather. but will devastate our economy. devastate it. and that's why you're going to find a lot of bipartisan opposition to cap and trade or any of these other things the president is cooking up. >> steve: and what about my first item where -- or the last item, first on the list, about minimum wage? you don't think it's a good idea to raise the minimum wage to 9 bucks? >> first of all, i want to see people making a lot more than $9 an hour in the united states. and the way do you that is through rapid economic growth where people are being paid a lot more than that. nine dollars is not enough. i think we all would want that. the question is a minimum wage the best way to do it? history has said absolutely not. in fact, the impact of minimum w
is lovely. go to china, mongolia, horse is lovely. some parts of south america and italy it's a delicacy. and allegedly, and i haven't had the opportunity to taste it, maybe on my next trip, it tastes kind of sweet. which we're not used to. >> steve: beefy. >> lot of nutrients. >> steve: given the fact that this is good news, burger king said burger king restaurants in the united states and canada are not impacted. our high quality beef patties are made with 100% beef. no added fillers or bulking agents. >> bill in congress to stop it in the united states. big debate, animal rights people say don't do it. a lot of people in the horse industry say do it because in fact, it helps protect horses from abuse. it increases their value over time and will stop abuse. but my understanding and my belief is that our beef is 100% beef and 100% safe in this country. happy new year. >> steve: thank you very much. get to the meat of it. >> absolutely. >> steve: thank you. meanwhile, she makes bean coal look so good. kate upton next to dish the inside scoop on her second sports illustrated swim suit cov
of countries, turkey, china, cuba, among others, who said you couldn't even do this original trademark. why? >> that's correct. there is a variety of roles and different countries handle it differently. but primarily the issue is that you don't want to basically allow anything that's immoral or scandalous is the words that are used in the law. and different countries have different views as to what immoral or scandalous might be. and for example, britain just determined that the word jesus was effectively -- it shouldn't be trademarked. it was immoral to have a major christian figure be on a trademark. the united states and the european union felt differently. and it's a classic example of different viewpoints from different countries. >> gretchen: i guess arthur, one of the things that they feared would be advertisements like this for women in skimpy denim under the slogan, he who loves me follows me. you got a problem with that? >> the slogan is catchy, but do i think it should be attached to the name jesus? no, i don't. look, the trademark laws are actually there to protect the consumer.
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)